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Boots and Shoots is a play on words. Whilst trying to think up a name for my lifestyle blog  it was the one that seemed to cover lots of ground...(no pun intended)...so here it is..Boots and Shoots explained...










So, thats the website introduced now a bit about the person behind it...


My name is Sharren. I live in Monmouthshire, South Wales.

I have almost done my time raising three pretty awesome kids who are now young adults and seem to be needing me less and less. Oh, I know they won't ever be gone really, we are so close I won't let it be that way, but they do have their own lives.

The result of this is that I now have much more time to re-discover me.

As someone who is rapidly approaching an age that starts with 5 and ends in 0 I intend to embrace every moment and invite you to journey with me....

Boots and Shoots

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A blog full of memoirs, musings and mud <3